Agricultural & Environmental Projects

Enabling Solutions For Increased Sustainability


GRT Countryside Care Ltd are an Exmoor based specialist in providing services and support for countryside & environmental projects.

We aim to provide all our clients, whether large or small, with the highest quality environment and land management services that represent excellent value for money.

To make sure that our work is carried out in a sustainable way, that our operations are well-managed, safe, environmentally sound, on time and on budget.

To ensure our staff are properly skilled, qualified and accredited, are highly motivated and take pride in their work to make sure our customers needs are met.

To aim to be the benchmark against which such services are measured and then exceed it.

Specialist Services


We specialise in the design, construction, repairs and modification of agricultural buildings.

We offer a complete service, from the initial designing stage to final completion of the project, as well as ongoing maintenance if required.

All of the material and products we use are durable, hardwearing and of the highest quality with the relevant safety standards where applicable.

We ensure that each and every project is finished to the highest standard of workmanship and safety.


We have been involved in peatland restoration long before it was common practice and have had a strong influence in the development of the practical restoration techniques to date. We are currently restoring peatlands across Exmoor, Dartmoor and Bodmin.

Restoration halts oxidation and promotes active peat growth, thus increasing the absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere.

The restoration could play a major role in mitigating against atmospheric CO2 rises. On the entire site we restored so far, the results are looking good.

Restored peatlands have been proved to have a sufficient effect on flooding at lower levels by storing and slowing the flow of water from the uplands as well as creating a wildlife heaven for moorland birds, insects and plant.


Heather and gorse management - Heather is one of the most important components of open moorland vegetation communities and habitats.

Gorse is a valuable wildlife and landscape feature however it can be invasive.

Appropriate management of heather and gorse has both conservation and economic significant.

Customer Charter

GRT Countryside Care is committed to providing all of its clients, from large organisations to private individuals, with a high standard and cost effective service.

Our aims are:

  • To provide a high standard of workmanship.
  • To work rigidly too stringent heath and safety code of practice.
  • To provide skilled, qualified and accredited staff.
  • To adopt a realistic and effective environmental policy.
  • To react to specific needs.
  • To maintain a clean and tidy work ethic.
  • To represent excellent value for money.

Our policies for life

GRT Countryside Care always adopts a rigid health & safety and environmental policy, reducing the risk to personnel and the effect of its ecological footprint.

We therefore use local sustainable recourses wherever possible with all waste and by-products from site going to recycling.

We are members of:
Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)

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Our Dedication

Management and care of the countryside is GRT Countryside Care’s core focus.

We see our policies for minimising ecological impact as a significant and important part of our business ethic.

To help reduce our carbon footprint GRT Countryside Care always seeks ways of performing our work in ways which have less short and long-term effects on the environment.

We also invest in new equipment to further increase our operational efficiency.

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